The Age
of Meaning

Tuesday 7th November 2017
IMD, Lausanne

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The Age of Meaning

9th Forum – November 7th 2017

We all seek purpose in our lives, yet in this “bigger, better, faster” world, what meaning do we give to things beyond simply their economic value? Beyond utility, what deeper experience, both individual and collective, can they provide? How can we enhance the lives and the world around us? These are important questions that run across topics of creativity, community, craftsmanship, art, adventure, business and sustainability. The ultimate question being: how does our brain create meaning?

Speakers from diverse backgrounds will share their insight at the 9th FHH Forum which, as always, promises to be a unique opportunity to consider and discuss the forces that are shaping our present and reshaping our future.

Speakers 2017

Bill Emmott

International author

The state of the world and the future of the west

Patrick Chappatte

Editorial cartoonist

The world in a pencil

Arturo Bris

Global competitiveness expert

The changing game of global competition

Tim Leberecht

Business romantic

Building a human company in the age of machines

Karin Jestin

Philanthropy advisor

Giving meaning to money

Frédéric Kaplan

Digital humanities researcher

1000 years in the (virtual) life of a city

André Comte-Sponville


Seeking meaning in a shifting world

Claude Barras


A backstage tour of Courgette

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November 7th 2017


Forum: 9am to 1pm. Buffet lunch: 1pm to 2.30pm.


IMD – Maersk Mc-Kinney Møller Center
Chemin de Bellerive 34
1001 Lausanne

How to get there


Place de la Navigation 3
1006 Lausanne
Parking spaces reserved for the FHH Forum participants at P-3
When you arrive to the parking, our coordinator will give you a free exit ticket.

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